Frequently Asked Questions


How do i become a patient?

Ask your family doctor to send a referral for fertility assessment or semen analysis to our main fax line: 519-570-3202. You will be called to schedule an appointment which will take place approx 6 weeks from when we receive the referral.


I have a REQUISITION for a Semen Analysis, can I make a walk-in appointment?

At this time, we only accept referral letters, not Ministry of Health requisitions for testing.

Your physician can send us a referral letter from semen analysis only (see above).


How long is your FUNDED ivf wait list?

The length fluctuates depending on the physician workload and other treatments may be offered before moving to IVF. Generally, once IVF has been ordered, your cycle will proceed within 6 months.


How do I know if I qualify for IVF FUNDING?

If you are an Ontario resident with a valid OHIP card, are under the age of 43, and have not received a funded cycle at another fertility clinic, then you are likely eligible for the Ontario Fertility Program funding. Contact us to confirm your eligibility.

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I am a 2SLGBTQIA+ patient, can i access services at your clinic?

We strive to create a welcoming and inclusive environment for any one seeking to build their family. We offer fertility preservation and third party reproduction services (donor egg, donor sperm, surrogacy) to help patients in their fertility journey.


What can I expect at my First appointment

You will be given a history form to fill out prior to arriving. Be sure that you (and your partner, if applicable) bring your health card. You will meet with the physician for approx 30 min to discuss your history and any topics relevant to your fertility. A blood and urine sample will be done and any other investigative tests ordered will be discussed and scheduled.


What type of support services do you offer?

At KARMA, we highly recommend all patients complete a counselling session prior to beginning fertility treatment. This allows partners to discuss stressors and scenarios they may not have considered. We have a list of outside counselors we recommend who specialize in fertility.


What fertility treatments do you offer?

KARMA is a full-service clinic, we can do it all! Please see our Services section for more info.


What is the cost of fertility treatment?

This is highly variable depending on the type of treatment needed. The Ontario Fertility Program does cover a substantial amount of the base cost but other fees like medication cannot be accurately determined prior to beginning a cycle. Please inquire and we can estimate based on your specific situation.


What is the schedule of a Typical treatment cycle?

Cycles usually start on Day 3 following menstruation. You will have blood work and ultrasound monitoring; appointments are early in the morning (7am) and are approx 1h in length, depending on wait times. Appointments become daily closer to ovulation. Then the procedure (IUI, IVF, or Embryo Transfer) will happen between Day 10-15 of a cycle, but it may be longer or shorter. A cycle can be a substantial time commitment so we offer work notes for those patients who need them. We offer an online service so you can review your daily results at home!


What are your success rates?

Each patient is unique and there are so many variables that an individual’s chance of success cannot easily be measured, even with lots of data available. Age, use of donor gametes, medication protocol, and many other factors can influence rates. The Canadian average clinical pregnancy rate is between 25-45% per embryo transfer (CARTR Report, 2017).