Fertility Services for 2SLGBTQI+ Patients


KARMA supports fertility journeys for patients of all genders, orientations, and family structure.

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Egg Donation

Eggs are provided to the Intended Parent(s) by the donor to use for IVF. Many options exist for donor eggs: a known donor (friend or family member), finding a donor through an agency, or selecting a batch of frozen eggs through an egg bank! Eggs can be fertilized with one or both partners sperm (where applicable).

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Also called a Gestational Carrier, the surrogate will carry the pregnancy for the Intended Parent(s). A surrogate can be known (a friend or family member) or connected through an agency.

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Sperm Donation

Donor sperm in Canada is usually purchased through one of the three authorized distributors. This includes Canadian donors as well as those from the USA. If you have a known sperm provider (friend or family member) then it can be processed and used for fertility treatment in the same manner as an anonymous donor.

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Fertility Preservation

For patients seeking gender confirming surgery or other treatments like hormone therapy, gametes (sperm or eggs) can be frozen for future use in building a family.

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Ontario Fertility Program

Most fertility services for 2SLGBTQI+ family building are partially covered through the Provincial IVF Funding program. Contact us today to see if you are covered!